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All community gardeners and allies of open spaces are invited to join the Council of Gardeners, an inclusive, cross-borough group of community gardeners coming together to voice their needs, initiate collective action, seek funding opportunities and to build social capital.

Our first series of meetings focuses on “Food Sovereignty in the Community Garden Movement.” In the future, we will address different topics – based on group interest and consensus. We will meet by Zoom in an open format where everyone can see and speak with each other.


March 4 Jasper Kerbs, a European-American, born and raised in occupied Lenapehoking (Brooklyn) will share about the Cooper Union Garden Project, and his current collaborations with the Playground Coffeeshop  and Public Assistants mutual aid hub that focus on food & energy sovereignty. REGISTER HERE>

March 25Nancy Ortiz-Surun is a core farmer/coordinator and co-founder of La Finca Del Sur. Although a main focus for her is alliance and advocacy within Latinx communities, she works to support diverse garden communities as well as collective strength and knowledge across generations. REGISTER HERE>

April 15 Alice Forbes Spear and Keith Carr share their collaborations with various organizations to create access to fresh foods. See bios below. REGISTER HERE>

  • Alice Forbes Spear is an urban farmer, community organizer and acupuncturist. She believes in our community’s abilities to heal ourselves, each other and the planet. She is a founding member and the lead organizer at 462 Halsey Community Farm and helped to develop the People’s Garden in partnership with the People’s Institutional AME Church.


  • Keith Carr is the Manager, Policy and Government Relations at City Harvest. He works to advance the organization’s hunger, food insecurity policy priorities and keeps abreast of timely city, state and federal policies and proposed legislation and their implications on City Harvest’s clients and emergency feeding program partners and develops advocacy strategy around key issues. Keith is passionate about everyone having access to good, healthy, nutritious and affordable food. He has lived in Brooklyn for 31 years but is originally from Hartford, CT and spent his childhood summers on his grandparents’ farm in Northeastern CT where they grew the best Silver Queen corn, Kentucky Wonders, collards and callaloo you have ever tasted.



  • Wisdom Share and Open Discussion: A community gardener (profiles above) shares how they and their garden members understand food sovereignty and work towards it.

  • Raffle: A basket of delicious local treats & self-care items to be mailed to the winner.

  • Community Problem Solving: A community gardener presents an issue, problem or challenge facing their garden and/or facing the community gardening movement as a whole. All present offer input, ideas, and support. Green Guerillas follows up when / where possible to provide assistance or connect gardeners with other sources of support. If you would like to present an issue or problem for discussion, email us at 

  • Future Topics: Group input on future topics