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We help community gardeners strengthen important community gardens, sustain vital grassroots groups, produce bountiful community harvests, and engage and educate youth.

More about our programs:

Harvest for Neighborhoods Campaign

Green Guerillas distributes soil, lumber, herbs, and vegetables seedlings to food-growing community garden groups in central Brooklyn, Harlem, and the South Bronx to help them grow bountiful harvests of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and callaloo. We also help community gardeners extend the growing season and engage more people in the harvest.

Garden Futures

In partnership with the Land Trust Alliance, we provide vital organizational assistance to the Bronx Land Trust and the Manhattan Land Trust – two community gardener-led land trusts that are critical to the future of New York City’s community gardening movement.

Grow Vertical NYC

Our Grow Vertical NYC campaign fosters and supports sustainable, human scale vertical growing projects to help dozens of community garden groups grow more vegetables and herbs in tight urban spaces.

Youth Programs

Green Guerillas helps youth pitch in at the core of the community gardening movement. We engage youth in volunteer days, community arts activities, paid internships, and a youth-powered small grants program.

The Youth Farm 

Green Guerillas serves as fiscal sponsor for the Youth Farm. In that capacity, we help a team of urban farmers and youth leaders cultivate a one acre urban farm on the grounds of the High School for Public Service and help the Youth Farm team engage hundreds of students in farm-based and classroom-based service and learning. They manage a weekly farmers market, a CSA, and a certificate program for new and emerging farmers.

Partnerships with NYC Council Members

We are partnering with 6 NYC Council Members to strengthen community gardens in central Brooklyn, East Harlem, and several neighborhoods in the Bronx. We provide plants, soil, lumber, and people power to help community gardeners fill garden beds with vegetables and flowers and make repairs and improvements to their gardens.

When providing services and undertaking activities, Green Guerillas does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.