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We always think about some of the people who were a vital part of Green Guerillas in the early days and whose vision and passion still inspires us today—Liz Christy, Fred Rosenstiel, John English, Jeff Dullea, and Amos Taylor. We are especially grateful to Fred Rosenstiel for the charitable remainder trust he created to support Green Guerillas.

Our current team:

Board of Directors

  • Patti Hagan
  • Thomas Ching
  • Melissa Joos
  • Erin O’Connor
  • Andrew Reicher
  • Adam Stolorow, Chairperson
  • Michelle Vazquez
  • Alexander Zigerelli, Treasurer

Staff & Consultants

  • Sarah McCollum Williams, Executive Director
  • Iyeshima Harris, Youth Empowerment Pipeline Co-Director, Community Engagement
  • Kristina Erskine, Youth Empowerment Co-Director, Community Support
  • Matt Zebroski, Volunteer and Special Projects Coordinator
  • Gail Koelin, Fundraising Consultant
  • Buffalo Design Group, Creative Consultants
  • Tom Luisi, Accountant
  • Andrew Stone, Program Consultant

Youth Empowerment Pipeline: Youth Tillers Interns

Help Green Guerillas help New York City’s community gardeners get important, colorful things done during the growing season. Learn more about our youth program.