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11th Annual Food Heritage Festival

| June 13th, 2016

Saturday, June 18th – 2 pm to 9 pm

at the beautiful, historic Hattie Carthan Community Garden

700 Marcy Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

This year’s theme “Our Food is Our Culture” is a community offering of foods from the African Diaspora. One of the most interesting things about the food of the African Diaspora is how closely it connects the people who prepare it, often without them even realizing it. There are several characteristics that almost all cuisines of the African Diaspora share: seasoning techniques; cooking techniques, such as stewing and frying; and the prevalence of starchy mashes or porridges eaten with stews and soups or on their own. African, Latin, and Caribbean cuisine ingredients are nearly identical, most likely due to the similarity in climate. Tropical foods such as plantains, cassava, coconuts, and palm oil are staples in West African and Afro-Brazilian cooking. The distinctive ingredients of southern cuisine, as well as the styles of cooking them, have been common for centuries in Africa.

The Hattie Carthan community gardeners will serve homemade dishes – much of the greens and salads are grown in the garden. Guests can also enjoy southern BBQ, live blues music, live farm animals, and more.

Meat Plate $10 – 3 choices of meat, $8 – 2 choices of meat, $7 – vegetarian plate $7, homemade pies $2 per slice, sorrel and herbs drinks – $2, herbal drinks and fresh fruit smoothies – $3, roast corn – $2, sage sausages – $2, chicken foot Souse – $3 bowl



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